Additional Information for Lord of the Rings themed Case

The overall dimensions of this small sized case would be approximately 17" diameter and 11.75" high, not including slight variations from mount cooling fans in the top and side. In these pictures, the ring is displayed clearly in green, with the red blocks mainly representing the various components in the computer. The orange ovals represent general sites where there would be a hole in the base or back of the ring where power cords can fit through, as well as cords for monitors, keyboard&mouse etc. This size of case requires an hdmi or other video input cable with a very small connector.

The rectangular block of the top side represents the cpu radiator for a water cooled cpu, and an exhaust fan, with the red block on the side of the ring being an intake fan. Most cases have intake fans in the front or even bottom of the case, but we decided to reverse this so that the full "precious"ness of the finished product can be displayed.

The image showing the compartment underneath the ring is where the hard drive caddy, power supply, and dvd player will be housed. Un-shown parts would include front headers for usb drives, headphones, and on/off and reset buttons. 

Stay tuned for more updates on this build!

Additional Information for Jurassic Park Jeep Case

This case was built for my own personal use, and is now my favorite possession on earth. The case was built using 1/4" plywood, with a 3D model jeep as reference for measurements. Probably the most difficult part was determining how to simply and securely mount the wheels, since it just wouldn't do to have a jeep with no wheels. The first step was to find properly sized wheels with tread to visually match a jeep, once I found some I had a part 3D designed and printed by a friend that had 2 points for a bolt to secure the axle to the case.

The interior design of the case was pretty fun too, The motherboard fits snugly in the middle where the seats would be located, with the radiator for the cpu water cooler mounted in the roof.  Under the hood of the car I placed the storage drive caddy, opting for one capable of holding 2 each of ssd's and normal hard drives, as well as a front and rear intake fans, power buttons and front usb/headphone ports.

In the bed of the jeep I placed my power supply, a blu-ray player, wifi adapter antennae, and the radiator for a water cooled GTX 1080-ti graphics card so I can play all the best dinosaur games with great quality!

Visit the finished products page to see how it turned out!