What do you need in a computer?


Who Will Be Using The Computer?

   Different users will require different things from a computer, so it's important to keep in mind what everyone wants and needs from the same PC.  

Does Size Matter?

   Size does matter! But any size is good as long as it's what you need! Laptops provide portability, and even desktops can come in 3 different sizes, mainly mini, mid and full-form factors (small, medium and large). 

   If your computer will be an at-home only PC, think about the area it will be set in. If it is set on top of a desk or in specific compartment, a smaller size tower would typically be a better fit.

   If space for the tower isn't limited, a larger size tower can provide the extra space needed to ensure that if you need to upgrade in the future, you can know that you've got the room to do it.

   Some people may be small in stature, but are giants in other ways, and the same applies to some computers! You  may need alot of storage space in your computer for family photos, work documents, games and other programs, but that doesn't mean you need a whale-sized computer to hold it all! Larger storage drives can reduce the overall physical size of a computer by reducing the number of drives needed to store the same amount numerous smaller drives.

What Do You Need It To Do?

   This is one of the most crucial parts to building or buying a computer. As long as it isn't broken or 20 years old, any computer you buy or build will be able to surf the internet, so what you really need to think about is what ELSE you need it to do. 

   Are you an intense PC gamer? Or will you be using specific programs on your PC for work or for school? If you have specific tasks you need to do with your computer, you will a computer that is up to the task.

   Those in video/picture editing or any kind of graphic design may need monitors with high levels of resolution, frame rates and color quality, these can also be important for gamers with refined tastes as to how they view whatever world they enjoy playing in.

Loud And Proud? Or Silent But Deadly?

   This is the fun part! This is what makes your personal computer EMPHASIZE the personal! Today, you can have a computer that fits any theme; color or overall design don't have to be restricted to what anyone else has now or has done in the past.

   Computers can have LED lighting that can be any color you want, a computer case can be a simple design, or it can be made to look like just about anything from your favorite book, movie, tv-show, video game, you name it! 

   If your computer will be in a shared or public space, the noise level of the parts in your computer may be something important to you. Some ways to reduce noise from your computer may be adjusting the settings of parts like fans to run slower and quieter under certain conditions, or another way can be to change the way your computer parts are cooled: there are fanless options for light users, or water cooling the whole system or specific parts can reduce the work-load any leftover fans need to do.


Did We Miss Something?

We don't presume to be all-knowing, so if you think there's another important aspect to consider when buying or building a computer, or if you'd like to order a custom built computer, let us know below!

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