We make your personal computer emphasize the personal

We make your personal computer emphasize the personal

Lord of the Rings themed PC!

Production is complete, come see the finished project!

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Cases, Monitors, Internal hardware, you name it, we can help you with it! Find out exactly what we can do for you!

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Finished Cases and Builds


Come see the finished products we've made, along with pictures of each step in the design process.

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Product Ideas


See a sample of some ideas we've had of possible cases we could make for you.

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High-Quality Refurbishes

We can help you clean up your computer parts, and help fix things that may have broken down.


Professional Customer Service

We can help with any issues you may be having with your computer, whether it's hardware or software. From anything as simple as tech support, or coming to help you reinstall an operating system, hardware etc.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We will keep in touch with you every step of the way! Get notifications when certain milestones of production of your case have been reached along with progress photos. We welcome any ideas you may have throughout the process on how to improve the product to fit your needs!

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Drop us a line and let us know if you have any questions. If you are looking for something that you don't see here, ask us! We will get back to you soon to talk about how we can help you.  If you would like to order computer parts, a customized case or anything else, please fill out the appropriate forms located above, along with any specific requests in your message. Thanks for visiting!

Rexburg Custom Cases

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Pricing on products and services varies per customer. Factors that go in to determining the cost of a case are overall complexity of the building process or designs and features to be included, as well as if new or used products are to used when building a complete rig. Any required shipping costs will be included in the final cost of the product. Please see our FAQ page or contact us above for any further questions.

Privacy Policy

All personal information provided to us will remain private. We reserve the right to use photographs and specifications of any product built for your use to promote our services. The logos and overall themes used for our cases are the work of fans of the corresponding franchises and are not meant to be taken as actual endorsements from the respective companies, groups or affiliations.